New Valamo

The New Valamo Monastery is an active centre of the Orthodox religious life and culture in Finland. Located in the beautiful surroundings of Heinävesi, the monastery welcomes visitors throughout the year. The peaceful atmosphere of the monastery and close proximity to nature offer the hurried people in the busy world of today a rare opportunity to relax − far from the bustle and noise of everyday life.

Visitors to the monastery are able to unwind, gather strength by staying even longer periods in the silence of the monastery enjoying the excellent library and peaceful walks in the nature. Visitors are also free to participate in church services and watch the church icons, in addition to the collection of Orthodox artefacts in the museum and permanent and visiting exhibitions. Even a day’s trip to the monastery is an experience you will never forget, although most visitors choose to have a more meaningful stay by spending a night or more in the peaceful monastery environs.

The monastery also provides many interesting activities. The Valamo Folk High School offers courses in icon painting, different kinds of handicraft and self-improvement. By learning a new skill you will also give yourself the gift of time, peace and rest − undisturbed by the noise of the outside world. All the visitors are heartily welcome!

For information about arranging a trip to the New Valamo Monastery, please contact us.