A social enterprise

As a social enterprise, Metapilgrim is not run primarily for profit, but rather to fulfil its social and spiritual objectives. This does not mean that we are unconcerned with generating an income. In order to be sustainable, and to be able to continue our work, it is imperative that we cover our costs and are able to reinvest in the projects which are central to our mission.

When you trust us to take care of your retreat or pilgrimage, this helps us to meet our social aims by supporting our overall sustainability. We try to keep our prices as low as possible for all of our customers, but we are even more zealous about this when it comes to school, student and youth groups, for whom we wish to offer our services at as little cost as possible. We are confident that the school trips we offer are among the cheapest of any comparable offerings, particularly when considering trips abroad. It is our hope that you will share our enthusiasm for making this possible.

Being a responsibly run organisation, we do not operate on debt, or by speculative gambling with our customers’ funds, which are ring-fenced to cover the expenses of their trip. Our directors will only be paid when there is a sufficient surplus after meeting all of our commitments and obligations. Other co-pilgrims are independent contractors and are paid when they lead groups. However, please bear in mind that those accompanying your trip do so because of their love of pilgrimage, and their desire to share that with you.