Why travel with us?

Why go on a pilgrimage or retreat with us?

  • As a social enterprise:
    • While we must cover the costs of running the organisation and earn a living, financial gain is not the primary goal of the activity – as such, we are a ‘not for profit’ undertaking.
    • We are committed to increasing the accessibility of pilgrimage to new audiences. By allowing us to take care of your arrangements, you will be helping the viability of our wider mission.
    • You can be sure that those involved in preparing and accompanying your journey are motivated because it is what they most want to be doing. They are not simply doing a job.
  • You will be accompanied at every stage by a committed co-pilgrim, who will help you make the most of the whole experience.
    • This will either be one of the proprietors or a carefully selected partner who has specific knowledge and interest in the particular destination. In every case this will be someone who has particular enthusiasm to share this journey with you, and who is in every respect a fellow pilgrim, fully participating in the programme during the stay, and available to you for discussion and sharing of the experience as appropriate, as well as ensuring that your practical needs are met.
    • You will be introduced to your co-pilgrim in advance of your journey. This will usually be either by video conference or telephone, with the possibility of further e-mail contact, unless it happens to be possible to meet in person. They will help you to prepare practically, mentally and spiritually in order to make the most of your experience.
  • We are a responsible tour operator:
    • All of our activities are fully insured – covered by appropriate travel insurance and we carry sufficient liability insurance.
    • The enterprise is operated without debt, with client payments being ring-fenced to cover the costs of their trips. Unlike many businesses, we do not gamble with our clients’ funds; we only reinvest our earnings after all aspects of your trip have been covered. As a result, we take deposits shortly before travel and accommodation is paid for, and balance payments not long before travel.
  • Our proprietors and co-pilgrims have relevant qualifications and experience.
    • Founder, Andrew Walker, has a Masters’ degree in Religious Studies, while his wife and co-founder, Anna Walker, is an ordained Deacon (in the Finnish Lutheran Church, in full communion with the Anglican Church) and a qualified Spiritual Director. Both have been been involved with religious communities on a voluntary basis for the whole of their adult lives.
    • Many of our co-pilgrims hold degrees in Theology or related subjects, and all have long-standing connections with religious communities and retreat centres.