As a central part of our social aims, we are delighted to invite school groups to join us on pilgrimage. We do everything we can to take the strain of bureaucracy and red tape, so that you can focus on the educational benefits of the trip and helping your groups to prepare and make the most of their experience. We only lead school groups to destinations we know well and trust completely, so we are able to provide model risk assessment documents, and assist you in tailoring these to your needs.

School groups are usually accompanied by one of our co-pilgrims, with current CRB certification for working with children and young people. This can help you to meet the required adult to child ratios, while reducing the number of your teaching staff who will be unavailable during the trip and the resulting need for supply cover. If desired, it may be possible for us to allocate additional leaders to your group in order to increase this benefit. This would incur an additional cost, which could either be billed separately to the school or included in per-pupil pricing, but compares very favourably to the cost of supply teaching. The adults who we provide to accompany your trip will visit you in advance of the trip so that they can work together with the school staff who will be involved. They are also able to meet with interested pupils and parents in order to introduce the trip and answer any questions which arise.

The benefits or our trips for schools and young people include:

  • Helping young people to discover themselves, to increase in confidence and become more grounded
  • Awareness of self and others, and relationship in community
  • Reflect deeply on questions of meaning and the decisions they wish to take in life

Our trips for school adhere to the following principles:

  • All of our trips are suitable for young people of any faith or none, and all will benefit. There is no assumption of any particular belief.
  • We do not take young people to situations where they will encounter any sort of pressure or coercion to adopt any particular religious faith or beliefs. For this reason we only take groups to places that we are very well acquainted with, and have well-grounded trust that this principle will be upheld.

Our aim for school trips:

  • Our trips will not be more expensive than a self-organised trip plus the cost of one agency supply teacher for the duration. Usually the full cost is covered by the prices paid by participating pupils, which are very modest by comparison with other school trips. However, if your school wishes to further support pupils’ participation, we can bill separately for our services in order to subsidise the pupil price to the cost of provision. We are keen to make these trips as accessible as possible, and to minimise the extent to which cost is a barrier to participation. There may be cases in which it is possible to financially support the cost of participation for financially disadvantaged individuals, so please do discuss this with us if it is a concern. There is occasionally grant funding available on application.